Hideo Kojima Confirms Castlevania Project, Announces Metal Gear Arcade

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Hideo Kojima just took the stage at Konami's E3 press conference, and announced that he's working on four new titles. Not one. Not two. Not three. Four. Does he ever sleep?


The first, and only really new title, is called Metal Gear Arcade, which is Metal Gear Online optimised for coin-op arcade play. The game will utilise 3D goggles, and will be out in Japan later this year.

The other three aren't as new as Kojima would like you to think, as they've all been announced during the week (or in one case, even earlier). One is Metal Gear: Peace Walker for the PSP, which was revealed during Sony's press conference yesterday.

Another is Metal Gear Rising, which again, we've already seen. And the fourth game is Lords of Shadow, which is now to be known as Castlevania: Lords of Shadow confirming our earlier report on the subject.

Kojima says they want to "keep the franchise fresh" (think he means make the franchise fresh), and that the game should be out sometime in 2010. He won't be producing (Jericho developers MercurySteam will be), but will be helping out.


So, Kojima & Castlevania, together at last. Excited?

More details coming, courtesy of Fahey's liveblog.



What's the fourth? I count three. Rising, Arcade and Peace Walker. Am I missing something here?