See How Sonic Started as Sega's Answer to Mickey Mouse

One thing we need to own up to with all these video game icons coming up on 15, 20 and 25 year anniversaries is that we're getting older, too. Just yesterday, Crecente was talking about all the trouble he has peeing lately. Poor guy.


With that aging comes memory loss, so you might need a refresher on how Sega's spiky blue mascot came to be. Or, maybe the young'uns amongst you need to learn it for the first time ever. This video in support of Sonic Generations rounds up the folks who where the creators and decision makers behind Sonic's debut and explains how the speedy icon came into the world. Blast processing!


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So let me get this straight: Sega is on top of giving Sonic a big ol' 20th Anniversary celebration, Nintendo doesn't do jack shit for Metroid on its 25th?

I know it's been said before, but this is still appalling.