See How Modern Warfare Shatters One Family's Home

Every war has its tales, even ones from a video game. But this "soldier" has been more than a little rattled by it.


The video from College Humor is pretty great—as long as you don't take it seriously—but it does kind of teeter off near the end. Feel free to cut out early.

Modern Warfare Soldier Comes Home [CollegeHumor]

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Locke Cole (formerly DrakeinVB)

This is double funny for me, but only if you replace the Modern Warfare 3 setting to Borderlands 2.

I told my wife: "Once September 18th comes, I might not see you for a while."

Her response: "What?! Why? What're you talking about?"

I responded: "I have to go to Pandora. There's another Vault to discover."

She says : "Oh... OH... Borderlands 2... well, if it's anything like the first one, see you in a month."

So far she's accused me (in jest of course) of cheating on her with a girl named Maya, and now some other girl named Gaige, who looks dangerously young for me to be spending a lot of time with. She commanded that I grab Taco Bell and watch Parks and Rec with her before she calls Chris Hansen.

Gaige isn't that young... right? Right guys? Right?