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See How An Ordinary Nerf Gun Transforms into This Brink Assault Rifle

Illustration for article titled See How An Ordinary Nerf Gun Transforms into This emBrink/em Assault Rifle

The game may've met with a lukewarm reception when it hit last year, but the one thing that Splash Damage's Brink had going for it was an amazing art style. Laurens Corijn, an artist at the British dev studio, brought that look into the real world by modding a standard Nerf Stampede into an amazing replica of the FPS's Gerund assault rifle.


Corijn went really in-depth with this re-creation, cracking the Stampede open and attaching sights to the once-harmless kids' toy. The step-by-step guide's hosted over on the official Splash Damage site. If Brink ever gets a sequel, let's hope something like this is in the collector's edition.


Photo Blog: Creating a Brink Nerf Gun [Splash Damage]

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I still don't understand what's with all the hating on Brink. I liked it and I would still be playing it if it weren't for everyone else not playing it.