See Curt Schilling Shilling Kingdoms of Amalur on Jimmy Fallon

Illustration for article titled See Curt Schilling Shilling emKingdoms of Amalur/em on Jimmy Fallon

38 Studios founder Curt Schilling uses tales of baseball triumphs past to hook Late Night host Jimmy Fallon and then brings Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning in for the kill.

While Schilling comes across as completely excited about the release of his company's first major game, Fallon himself looks like he'd much rather talk baseball for another five minutes. Notice how his demeanor changes with the subject. We know Fallon loves video games, so this is just an example of one great love overriding another. You'd get the same reaction from me if we were talking about Doctor Who and you changed the subject to Final Fantasy. I love both equally; I just love one a little more equally than the other.


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heh. Jimmy Fallon really loves to get on one topic and then have an unrelenting focus until the end. If Shilling had started with Kingdoms of Amalur, I bet that Fallon would have been jumping off the walls talking about how excited he is to play it. It's all about what is the latest thing on his mind, and there's no inbetween. There's just one thing or another and then full throttle oh my gosh I love this so much.