Section 8 Allows PC-Hosted Xbox 360 Severs

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The Xbox 360 version of Timegate's Section 8 is getting a multiplayer boost, allowing players to create their own dedicated Xbox 360 server on their PC.


Upon the launch of Section 8 on September 1st, Timegate and publisher Southpeak will have free X Server software available for download, which allows players to create their own dedicated Section 8 servers on their Windows PC. Creating your own PC server doubles the multiplayer cap on the 360 from 16 to 32 players per server, allowing bigger battles at the cost of a PC you weren't using in the first place.

"FPS fans looking for the perfect multiplayer game expect fast, reliable servers when they're playing online. We go one step further by offering an increased player count and boosting the game play experience to a new level," said Richard Iggo, VP of Marketing at SouthPeak. "We're confident that Section 8's incredible team-based combat and our adoption of cutting-edge server technology provide an experience unlike anything else out there."

Along with the Xbox 360 server software, the publisher will also be releasing a PC Server application that will allow for up to 40 players per session.

It's definitely a cool new feature, but one wonders why the person hosting said server wouldn't just get the Windows PC version of the game and kick things up to 40 instead. It'll be interesting to see how many 32 player games show up on Xbox Live once the game hits next month.



Why wouldn't you get the PC version of the game? Simple: you probably can't play and host 40 players on the same machine simultaneously.

That, and you can probably run the server on a box with lower hardware than the game proper requires (since the server won't need to do any rendering, just chew through the network and CPU).