Secretlab Brings Its Comfy Gaming Chairs Stateside

After taking a tour of Australia last year, Singaporean company Secretlab is making its line of premium gaming chairs available in the U.S. This includes the Titan, a bigger gaming chair for larger-than-man-sized people. As a half-giant, I am pretty excited.

Being a largish person (6'6" and upwards of 300 pounds), I do horrible things to office chairs. Every couple of years I buy a new one, and each time I look at gaming-centric alternatives. They don’t make many for folks with really long torsos and abnormally wide shoulders.


I’ve heard stories about Secretlab’s Titan, built to handle folks up to 6'4 and 290 pounds (close enough!). Kotaku Australia reviewed the company’s Omega Stealth and liked what they sat in earlier this year. But importing an already expensive (close to $500) chair plus the shipping costs put it off the table.

Now Secretlab has opened up North American operations, or at least early access, offering their Titan and Omega chairs at significant discount to early purchasers. Normally running $490 and $440 respectively, the early access sale cuts prices to $359 and $299. Entering the code EXCLUSIVE737 unlocks the catalog during early access.


I look forward to putting my substantial ass on one of these soon to see how it holds up.

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