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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Pays Tribute to Slain Diplomat and EVE Online Gamer

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In a memorial service today for four American diplomats assassinated in Libya earlier this week, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton paid tribute to Sean Smith, a consular officer for the United States who also served as a diplomat in EVE Online and as a member of that MMO's real-world governing body.


In her eulogy, Clinton directly referenced Smith's work in that video game's community.

Clinton, in a service attended by President Obama today at Andrews Air Force Base, said that Smith was survived by "a loving wife, Heather, two young children—Samantha and Nathan—and scores of grieving family, friends and colleagues.


"And that's just in this world," said Clinton, "because in the virtual worlds Sean helped create, he is also being mourned by countless competitors, collaborators and gamers, who shared his passion."

Smith died Tuesday in Libya in an attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission there, an attack apparently responding to a hate-filled, anti-Islam video produced and promoted by private American citizens and uploaded to the Internet earlier. Rioting continues across the Middle East in the aftermath of the attacks and the video's notoriety.


Smith was known as "Vile Rat" on the Something Awful forums and in Eve Online, and likewise fulfilled the role of a Diplomat in that game, as he did in his real world duty. He also served on the Council of Stellar Management (CSM), a panel of players voted into place by their peers, which represents community concerns in meetings with developer CCP.

(Video above from BBC)