Second Scott Pilgrim Game Is Punch-Out For the iPhone

While we wait for the proper Scott Pilgrim game, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users can bide their time with Pilgrim's Punch-Out, a quick little game that's, well, Punch-Out. Only, with Scott Pilgrim.

You're fighting all seven of Ramona's ex-boyfriends in classic 8-bit action, and while it's hardly MUST-PLAY stuff, seeing as it's an advertisement for a movie it's also wisely a free download. And you can rarely go wrong with free.


I kinda wish they'd spent more time on the game's visuals, because they do justice to neither the film nor Paul Robertson's work on the main game, but then, that's what you get for nothing, I guess!

I've recorded a short demo video below. I've tried to keep my mug out of it as much as possible, but with that reflective iPhone screen, I can only do so much!

Pilgrim's Punch-Out is out now.

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