Second Life Flying Wang Attack Goes IRL

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Remember when Room 101 griefers issued a flying penis attack on Second Life "real estate" "mogul" "Anshe Chung" during a virtual interview? How could you not? It's just about the only interesting thing to ever happen in Second Life. Now, it has happened in the real world, only on a much smaller, much briefer scale.


Chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov was recently subjected to a NSFW attack from a much more realistic looking, but still fake, airborne phallus. This one was given the smackdown by a Russian karate chop after mere seconds, unlike the 15 minute long penis storm previously reported. Coincidence? We think not! But we've already stopped thinking.


Flying Penis [Sharenator via n0wak]

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Aw come on. They can do much better.

I didn't see screams or blue noise played over the sound system. I don't see guys with afros and business suits blocking the exits. Did they even consider having a guy run in and distend his anus on stage?

You're getting lazy anonymous.