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Second LBP Patch Removes 'Offensive' Lyrics

Illustration for article titled Second LBP Patch Removes Offensive Lyrics

If you fall into the presumably rather select category of PS3 Owners who managed to get hold of a copy of LBP before the recall and who would be offended by hearing verses of the Holy Qur’an set to music while you play.... Sony have got just the patch for you. The second LittleBigPlanet patch since the games not-quite release, v1.02 doesn't fix any noticeable bugs but instead removes the controversial lyrics from the game's soundtrack. The affected track - Tourmani Diabaté’s song “Tapha Niang” - is replaced with an instrumental version. LBP 1.02 patch sorts out dodgy song [Eurogamer]


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Oh man, well the days till the game grow shorter......

I read on another site that this mya be a publicity stunt on part of Sony, if that was the case, I'm sad such a company did this, on the other side, this game got a lot mote atention than it had before this.

I hope Sony "compensate" this delay with awesome Kratos sackboy all over the world.