Scribblenauts Word Count Higher Than Reported

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Over the weekend, a hacker seemed to prove that there are exactly 22,802 words in Scribblenauts. Not true, the game's creative director told Fast Company.


An online article quotes Jeremiah Slaczka, creative director at game development studio 5th Cell, told the outlet that the the weekend word count report missed some words:

"That was leaked by a hacker who does not know anything. It's more than that," Slaczka said.

Scribblenauts, which will be out tomorrow on the Nintendo DS, offers players a couple of hundred 2D platforming and puzzle challenges, all of which can be solved using objects, people and creatures that the player writes into the game. The game was programmed to recognize and render as many kid-safe, non-trademarked names as possible. Most proper names were excluded as well. No Batman. No Brian Crecente. And no naughty words. But it does have everything from dog to gun to god.

Slaczka confirmed to me at a Scirbblenauts event at the Nintendo World Store on Sunday that the game doesn't have the word dromedary in it, so there is room for improvement. But as to what the real word count is, he didn't reveal it to Fast Company and won't spill the beans yet. I've asked.

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I am REALLY disgusted at the number of people on this thread who have not only pirated the game - but openly admit to it!

A small developer comes along and makes an innovative fun product which isnt another f-ing shooter..

- and how do you lot repay them? Do you go "thanks for creating something different and fun"? Or do you rip them off by downloading the game for free before it's even out in the stores - then have the nerve to come online and slag it off!

It's no wonder the games industry seems doomed to keep creating the same old games over and over with a-holes like you guys around.