Scribblenauts Unlimited is the First Wii U Game by a Kotaku Columnist. Take a Look.

When Jeremiah Slaczka isn't answering your questions here on Kotaku, he's running 5TH Cell, the game development studio behind Scribblenauts and other interesting games. There's a Scribblenauts on the Wii U and—wouldn't you know it—he would like to show it to you.


Here's Jeremiah, with Scribblenauts Unlimited.


Remember when they gave a backstory to the kid in drawn to Life.

The kid was in a coma after a car crash which killed his parents and in the end destroyed the world he created in his mind and let the villain get away to see his sister again in the real world.

And now their giving one to Maxwell

5th Cell- not good at writing happy backstory