Scribblenauts Creator Talks About Controls, Console Ports & More On Kotaku Podcast

Did you miss today's live call in version of Kotaku Talk Radio? Me too! I was fast asleep during today's show, but thankfully the hour-long podcast with special guest Jeremiah Slaczka of 5th Cell fame is now available for download.

In today's episode, our podcast steering host Stephen Totilo and Jeremiah Slaczka, one of the creators behind Nintendo DS games Scribblenauts and Drawn To Life, talk about all manner of things, from Stephen's desire to return to the lush world of James Cameron's Avatar, to how that decade in the making blockbuster relates to Slaczka's own work; from control concerns in Scribblenauts to theories about how a Wii or Project Natal version may work; from Totilo's continued fascination with a Disney-Marvel game titled Spider-Man Saves Disneyland to a pitch for LEGO Scribblenauts.


You can even learn how to pronounce Slaczka! Impress your friends with your deep well of knowledge by downloading today's Kotaku Talk Radio from the links provided below.

Host: Stephen Totilo
Guest: Jeremiah Slaczka

Download The Show Through These Means:
Chatting With Scribblenauts' Jeremiah Slaczka [Blog Talk Radio]
Chatting With Scribblenauts' Jeremiah Slaczka [iTunes]

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