5TH Cell's Scribblenauts is an amazing piece of E3 award-winning game design, letting the player summon almost anything they can think to write on the Nintendo DS touchscreen. Despite being rated "Everyone 10+" the game features some potentially objectionable content.

Perhaps most objectionable are the things one can do in Scribblenauts when babies, steak and lions come together, as amusingly described by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board. Warning: gruesome descriptions of rad bike tricks performed over infants await you! Proceed with caution.

This is a puzzle game in which players navigate a series of traps, puzzles, and enemies to collect stars scattered throughout the colorful levels. Players have the ability to summon different objects by writing/typing in the word (e.g., bike, spaceship, lion) and watching it come to life. If multiple words are entered in a sequence, different whimsical scenarios can be triggered: a bicycle can be used to jump over a baby; a bulldozer can clear away a shark; and cabbage can be fed to dinosaurs. Players can elect to summon "cartoony" versions of bats, bombs, guns, and flamethrowers. These types of items can be used to destroy objects or even other summoned items (e.g., a club can be used to hit an animal; steak can be attached to a baby to attract lions; rockets can be lobbed at a man). These triggered animations are minimally depicted and are usually accompanied by popping, musical sound effects; bright, star-shaped flashes; or small puffs of smoke. If players wish to, they may type in the word vomit, which causes a beige-colored lump to appear on the screen.


Do you have any idea how many times I'm going to try to solve Scribblenauts puzzles with the words "vomit," "flamethrower" and "baby"? Neither do I. It's doubtful my brain can envision a number that large.

Scribblenauts [ESRB via NeoGAF - thanks, Alphahawk!]

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