Screwing Enemies in Bulletstorm and David Haye's Wicked Haymaker

Electronic Art's digital mag, PWNED is back, this time taking a look at the Swedish studio behind Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam, a new weapon in Bulletstorm and more.


By more I mean chatting with World Heavyweight Champion David Haye about boxing and talking Middle Ages with Sims Medieval producer, Aaron Cohen.

What do you guys think of this in-house show? I kinda like the chemistry of Matt Cuttle and Sian Welby combined with the ability to dig around behind the scenes of one of the largest game makers in the world.

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Static Jak

I think David Hayes summed up boxings biggest annoyance.

When he brought up how difficult it was to set up big fights. All this political bull and drama that surrounds the fights.

I'd love to see one, proper dominant Boxing Organisation like how you've got Fifa for football and UFC for MMA or NFL for American football and so on.