Are you already as sick of seeing the word "Kickstarter" as we are? Yeah, probably. Remember, developers: not everyone has to jump on the same bandwagon to get money to make a video game.

Instead of holding out your hands, you could always do what Finnish developer Petsku is doing, and sell all your old Transformers.


Having worked for over twenty years on studio games like Dead Nation and Super Stardust, Petsku wants to go it alone as an indie, and to help fund the move is selling over 150 of his original Transformers.

Since most of them were bought for the purposes of either display or simply collecting, they're in great condition, and with over 150 of them it's an amazing cross-section of the 1980's various Transformers lines.

You can read more about Petsku's efforts, and see more detailed pics, at the link below.

Petsku's Transformers Sale [eBay]


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