If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed how keen I am on shooting guns. Sometimes while simultaneously driving an ATV. It's not safe, don't do that.

So when I saw this video of the BMW M5 mimicking those slow-motion bullet montages, I almost fell over. It's, like, two of my favorite things! Put together kind of!


It makes the BMW look beautifully powered, but it also reminds me of the time when BMW used to put out way more cinematic advertisements—ahem, short films. You know, back when Clive Owen was sponsored to drive for them professionally.

It also makes me wish I had a huge open road to drive that fast on. There's no better sensation than powering through gears for maximum acceleration. The closest I get to that feeling is entering a highway or bridge after slowing for a toll. And then there are crazy things like "speed limits," sheesh.


Enjoy your open thread, and your weekend. Kirk will be back next week!