Fewer words, more art. If that sounds good to you, bookmark this new site.

Screenburn is all about showcasing the best visuals connected to gaming (and, occasionally, a little bit outside that realm, too). If there's an interesting GIF or fabulous fan art or an impressive figurine, I'll be looking to post that on this site.

Here are some of my favorite selections that I've already posted about.

Animated GIFs:


Zero Suit Samus's New High Heels.

Bruce Lee Is Playable In EA Sports UFC.


Live Action Titanfall Commercial.

Wallpapers and High-Res Screenshots:


The Vistas of Titanfall.

Bioshock: Burial at Sea.


Infinite Crisis: Nightmare Superman.

Official merchandise:


Threezero Atlas Titan.


Employee Edition XBox One Packaging.

Sack of Pain and other new Adventure Time Cards.

Custom Creations:


Lego Aliens Pulse Rifle.

Monument Valley Totem Friend.


Third Grade Science Project Augmented with Oculus Rift.

And the occasional witticism:


USB Connectors Explained.


Titanfall 2 Concept.

Real World Mario Warp Pipe.

So, what is "Screenburn" exactly? Well, it won't technically burn your screen in, but we thought it was an appropriate name for a subsite belonging to Kotaku that is specifically focused on visuals. If you have a tip of something particularly beautiful, you can email me or tweet at me.