Scratch DJ, Activision Set to Do Cash For Code Swap

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Scratch DJ Games should be getting the source code for their upcoming DJ sim from 7 Studios tomorrow, but not until the publisher places a bond with the court, according to a 34-page court transcript.


Last week a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge ordered that 7 Studios needs to turnover the code for Scratch: The Ultimate DJ to the publisher, but only after the publisher places a $2 million bond with the court.

The judge said he wouldn't increase the bond, but planned to hold a hearing today to see if it should be decreased. If the amount is agreed to, and the bond submitted, the code will be handed over Wednesday.

Attorneys for 7 Studios and Activision argued that once the source code, which they say is worth $5 million, is turned over to a now-competitor it becomes useless. The Scratch DJ Games attorneys argued that Activision was deliberately dragging their feet on the issues in an attempt to get DJ Hero, a competitor to Scratch: The Ultimate DJ, out the door first.

While this may kick start development on Scratch DJ, the decision doesn't even mark the beginning of the actual trial, just a mile marker along the way.

Meanwhile, we're told that publisher Genius plans to announce a new developer, which will finish off Scratch: The Ultimate DJ, before next month's E3. The company also plans to show the game at the annual trade show next month.



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