Scrap metal art is not new. Loads of artists made wonderful works out of whatever metal they can get their hands on. Very few, however, can pull off an Incredible Hulk like this.

You are looking at the work of Thailand's BanHunLek. The shop is known for its custom sculptures made out of used car parts. And like other handmade scrap metal sculptures I've seen, BanHunLek does its fair share of Transformers, Terminator, Aliens, and Star Wars type pieces. Don't get me wrong, they are fantastic.

This Hulk, though, is simply smashing.

And best of all? This isn't BanHunLek's first attempt. Check out this green version from earlier in the spring.

Very nice! I still prefer the latest one, especially Hulk's expression.

Below, you can see more incredible works from the studio. Like the Hulk pieces, these are metal sculptures that you don't typically see.

Be sure to check out BanHunLek's Facebook and official site.

BanHunLek [Facebook]

Old Steel Art [Official Site]

Photos: BanHunLek

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