Scott Pilgrim Movie Includes Zelda Tunes, Beck As Sex Bob-omb

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Mario and Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto has apparently given his blessing to the movie adaptation of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, based on the heavily video game-influenced comic of the same name, specifically for its use of video game music.


According to a new interview with Scott Pilgrim director Edgar Wright conducted by star Michael Cera in the new issue of Wired magazine, via GoNintendo, Miyamoto had to screen the action flick in order for some Nintendo music to be used in the film. Wright says he lobbied Nintendo to get the rights to use music from The Legend of Zelda in the movie during a dream sequence.

Wright says he wrote to Nintendo that the Zelda tune in question was "like nursery rhymes to a generation." Cera would probably agree, telling Wright that Super Mario Bros. 3 was a Nintendo classic "deep in my DNA."


In other Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World music news via Pitchfork, the movie's official soundtrack will feature both Beck and Broken Social Scene playing the music for fictional video game-inspired bands Sex Bob-omb and Crash and the Boys, respectively. Wonder if Miyamoto had any quibbles with the name of the first band's name based on the classic Super Mario Bros. 2 enemy.

Surely there must be something wrong with this movie, right? Like it causes shoulder cancer or something if viewed more than once? It all sounds too good...

Beck, Broken Social Scene Play Fake Bands on Scott Pilgrim Soundtrack [Pitchfork]

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What's wrong with the movie? It stars the annoying to watch, perpetual man-child Michael Cera. I can't watch this movie because I can't stand seeing Cera. He just rubs me the wrong way. I get angry when I see him on screen and I just want to hit him. Why does he keep getting acting jobs? He's awful.