Scientists Use Kinect To Make Instant X-Rays And Freak People Out

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Everything’s better with Kinect. Including, apparently, your insides. Okay it’s not actual X-Rays, but rather a simulation using the Xbox camera to match a model in real time to your own movement. Apparently the effect’s so good at least one woman “gasped and covered her breasts, trying to shield herself from view”.

It was part of an exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Paris and is due to appear this month at the Computer-Human Interaction conference in Toronto, Canada. It uses pre-made models built from PET and MRI scans, along with X-ray images, to build the representations, with Kinect tracking around 24 joints to animate everything. It even detects gender to make sure you have all the right bumps.

Interestingly, when exposed to the device, many people display a similar reaction to the woman who tried to cover herself up. Even though it’s not really their insides on display people don’t want others to see ‘themselves’ so exposed.

Digital mirror reveals what lies under your skin - [New Scientist]

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just putting this idea out there. If somebody really wanted to work THAT hard to try to hypothesize what my penis actually looks like under my pants, i'd be flattered.