Science Doing Some Science On Wii Fit

Does Wii Fit work? It's hard for me to tell, personally, as my Little Debbie Zebra Cake intake ratio is tied proportionally to my progress in the non-game. See, I'm not a scientist.

Thankfully, researchers at the University of Mississippi — specifically researcher Scott Owens — are evaluating Wii Fit's ability to make you more physically fit, doing it more scientifically, with control groups and larger sample sets. That's more respectable than me trying to remember if I played Wii Fit last week and tallying discarded Zebra Cake shrinkwrap.


The study, which kicked off in the Fall of 2008, will monitor the physical fitness of eight families. Researchers will chart the progress of the Wii Fit-using families, with and without the software, comparing it to the data collected in-game.

While we anxiously await the results, how's your own Wii Fit regimen treating you? Which regions could be described as "of steel"? Hey, keep it PG.

Determining if Nintendo Wii Fit works [UPI]

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