Sci-Fi Trailer Is Star Wars vs Halo vs Star Trek vs Mass Effect

Galactic Battles is a short film that laughs at the idea of a mere cameo.

It’s also a copyright lawyer’s worst nightmare. Or dream day on the job, depending on who they’re working for.


In case that gif—which crams Halo, Star Wars and Star Trek into around two seconds of footage—doesn’t make it clear, Galactic Battles is a short that’s going to combine most people’s favourite sci-fi franchises into a single showdown.

Not pictured in that gif is Mass Effect, who will also be joining in and will be represented by Commander Shepard (played, in a nice touch, by Mark Meer, the character’s actual male voice actor).

The project is looking for funding on IndieGoGo; because that means raising money, and because money attracts copyright lawyers and rights holders like blood in the water, this trailer might be the only thing you ever get to see of the flick, so enjoy it while you can.

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Babak Abrishamchian

So someone took the ideas of a 12 year old hopped up on pixie stix in the early 2000’s, and decided to ACTUALLY MAKE IT A THING. WE MUST DONATE ALL THE MONIES TO THIS CAUSE. ITS FOR THE CHILDREN I SWEAR IT