School Text Book Disses Nintendo

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So there was Frank, Billy, the author and George. And they all thought George was crazy, but was it because he played Nintendo games?

The question below appeared in a cram school text book for Japanese students studying English:

At first, Frank, Billy and the author thought George was crazy because he

1.) talked to Harvey.
2.) played Nintendo games.
3.) liked tree houses.
4.) didn't have any friends.


The same text book also name drops Age of Empire, Quake III and StarCraft! On 2 channel, Japan's largest online forum, folks point out that Nintendo was probably name dropped because it's sometimes used to refer to all video games, much in the same way that Coca-Cola often refers to all soft drinks.

Cram schools are quite common in Japan with many students attending them in the late afternoon and evening. After regular school is finished, students attend cram schools to get an edge in class as well as prepare for college entrance exams.

塾のテキストが任天堂をディスってるんだが [2ch]

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The Coca-cola thing isn't used in the northwest of the states; I think it is a southern thing. It just sounds wrong to call Pepsi "Coke".