Scenes From A Nintendo DS Massage Spa

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Nintendo has been putting the "touch" back in Touch Generations over the past week at a handful of North American malls. It's been gently caressing weary shoppers and wooing them with Nintendo DS games.


We hadn't actually seen any of these rubdown dens in person, currently erected at malls in California, Texas, New Jersey, Georgia and Massachusetts. But readers Jared and Chris saw these orgies of relaxation at the Natick Collection in Natick and Lenox Square in Atlanta and thought "Well, that's weird. I should tip Kotaku."

If you'd like to find a totally non-sensual release, courtesy of Nintendo, you still have a week to partake. Locations are right here. We suggest bringing an import copy of Duel Love or Doki Doki Majo Shinpan to creep out your masseuse.


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NeVeRMoRe666 looks way too open there to ask for "happy endings" not like Nintendo would condone it in the first place....oh well...