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SCEE Announce Sixaxis Bundle Clearance

Hey, Americans, are you enjoying your DualShock 3? I sure am. Got mine from Japan, where they're enjoying it also. How about you, Europe? Oh. That's right. They're not out there yet. Silly me, should have known. Ah well, chin up! They'll probably be there soon, because Sony are about to start bundling their leftover, outdated Sixaxis controllers with a bunch of leftover games, in a not-as-dumb-as-it-looks attempt at shifting the remainder of their stocks. To retail for €60, the bundles will include one Siaxis controller and one of the following games: F1, GT5 Prologue, Folklore and MotorStorm (note: just the game + controller, NO console).


Des nouveaux packs PS3 ? [Game-Class, thanks Frank!]

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