Say Hello to Your Dust 514 Wardrobe

Dust 514's the latest video game in a long line to try to re-envision armed conflict in a sci-fi future. So far, the developers at CCP have given us peeks at the game's vehicles and their maybe-too-powerful-to-even-shoot weapons. Today brings a look at the dropsuit armor that warriors in the online shooter will be sporting. CCP describes the dropsuits' variations like so:

The number and type of slots determine the modules (interchangeable hardware components that enhance or otherwise alter the functionality of the dropsuit), weapons, and equipment you can fit. The slot types available on dropsuits are as follows:
• Light
• Heavy
• Sidearm
• High
• Low
• Equipment
• Grenade
The three weapon slots – Light, Heavy, and Sidearm – cascade. That is, a Heavy slot can be fitted with a Sidearm, Light or Heavy weapon and, similarly, a Light slot can be fitted with a Light or Sidearm weapon. The high and low slots are module slots, each used for particular types of modules. Equipment slots allow the dropsuit to carry deployable or handheld equipment such as scanners, nanohives, drop uplinks, repair tools and more that will be covered in a future blog. Lastly, grenade slots determine the capacity (i.e. how many you can carry) of the grenade types – Locus, AV, EMP – fitted.


So it seems like the same focus on individual customization in other parts of the game also be making it into what you wear in the title. Presumably these suits are all sturdy enough to stop you from dying due to weapon recoil. Dust 514's due to surface exclusively on PS3 next year.

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