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Say Goodbye To FileFront

Illustration for article titled Say Goodbye To FileFront

A popular online destination for the latest computer game demos, patches, and mods, FileFront has announced that come March 30th it will be no more.


Visitors to FileFront today are being directed to a farewell message, explaining that the current economic environment has forced the website to close its doors indefinitely. Members of the site are cautioned to save any blog posts or stored files before Monday, March 30th, or risk losing them forever.

We would like to give a warm thank you to all of you who have been part of the FileFront communities we have built together. Your support has had a meaningful impact for all of us here at FileFront. Again, we want to give you a sincere "thank you" for your support over the years and wish you all the very best.


FileFront owner Ziff Davis held on to the PC games site during the sale of the 1UP Network to UGO early this year, but alas, it wasn't meant to be.

Farewell, FileFront! You had a great run, and your 90 terabytes of storage space shall be sorely missed.

Farewell from FileFront [FileFront - Thanks everyone]

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I never used FileFront, but I always confused it with FilePlanet, the subscription-based site, which probably turned me off from FileFront for some reason. Could you really store 90 Terabytes of stuff? Who on earth could possibly have that many downloads? That's like having $10 Trillion, and trying to spend it all within your lifetime. It can't be done!!

Too bad. What won't be affected by the economy these days? Also, Steam won't have any competition now.