This trailer is so well-done, it almost makes me overcome my fear of this game — which I don't know if it's actual fear of the environment I'd be in, or just fear of the fact a video game made me shit my pants. Then again, I freaked myself out reading the Wikipedia entry for The Amityville Horror. I probably should stick to, like, Imagine: Babyz or something.

Joystiq noticed that James Wan, the director of the "Saw" series of horror flicks, was credited on GameTrailers as the director of this clip. Interestingly, he's not mentioned at all in the credits. But it does give us a definitive date for the game's release: Oct. 21. So you'll have 10 full days before Halloween to get all sorts of scary cosplay ideas.

Saw Director Takes a Stab at Dead Space with 'Loved Ones' Trailer[Joystiq]


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