To: Luke
From: Owen

This week I listed my PSP on Craigslist. I bought it in May 2007 back when I got a new job and was riding the train two hours a day. It's not that I've necessarily moved away from handhelds, but with no commute, I'm not using this one as much.

It's a PSP-1001, not the new slimline, so the secondary market is glutted. To sweeten it up I included the bluetooth Motorola headphones, and the everE modular bluetooth dongle I ordered โ€” from Australia โ€” back when I had enough disposable income to spend on that kind of thing. The package was put up for $125.

That's a sweet setup. It was on Craigslist for about a day before I pulled it back. Of course, the danger with owning things is that they end up owning you, but in this case, I can't part with that just because I'm unemployed and need cash. Especially for $125. If I get down to my last hundred bones, I'm going to be in a lot deeper shit than can be solved by selling a handheld, and will probably have sold a lot more off by then anyway โ€” like a car, or a body part.


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