Save The Fire Hose Jokes: Pyro Is A She?

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So Team Fortress 2 fans have been eagerly awaiting the Pyro updates, but the gents at Rock, Paper, Shotgun have been busy mulling gender issues. They found some evidence to support their theory that Pyro is a female character, and cited this CS-Nation interview with lead developer Robin Walker, where he conceded:

"Looking back, we should have shipped some of the classes as female and some as male."

Said Walker further on:

"We've never been terribly happy with the Pyro, in particular with her shallower skill curve than other combat classes. We really want highly skilled Pyros to be visibly more effective than the average Pyro, and the new features are designed to address that."


Progressive! And speaking of progress, the same interview also hints that the Engineer might be the next class to get a bump-up:

"We've been playtesting an upgradeable teleporter, where the level affects the recharge time. It's working out well, so it's likely that you'll see something like it in the Engineer pack."

By the way, the header image for this post is a rather hazardous looking flamethrower handmade by Tom Swozzer, who sent us his pics of his Pyro-celebratory project. I want to say "Nice work, Tom," but I don't want to encourage anyone to assemble such flammable objects in their backyard.

Robin Walker Talks TF2 [CS-Nation via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]

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scripts/global_actors.txt :



"demo" "male"

"engineer" "male"

"heavy" "male"

"heavy_hwm" "male"

"medic" "male"

"pyro" "male"

"scout" "male"

"sniper" "male"

"soldier" "male"

"spy" "male"


content of actual game files >>> a word used in an interview that's probably just meant to drum up internet speculation.

(even though it seems to have been quite effective at doing just that)