Japanese VR Game: Save The Cat Or Die Trying

Look, spaceships and guns are fine for hardcore gamers, but when it comes to VR and the masses, you need to start somewhere softer. Like cats.


On April 15, Namco Bandai will open VR ZONE Project i Can, a demo and display centre in Tokyo that’s going to let people put on a HTC Vive and die from fear.

Here’s what I’m talking about.

Funny video. And funny because those people are not fucking around. Blurry visuals and cartoon cat or not, they are dying on the inside.

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As an acrophobe (Victory Tower was not my friend at Ft. Jackson), this is exactly why I will -not- be investing in VR tech.

...I mean, I will eventually, but I won’t be purchasing software that requires me to save a cat sitting on a 2x4 suspended from the lip of a high-rise.

I have a cat, and I love that furry bastard—but if he’s stupid enough to be where that VR cat is, then fuck him. He can get his own ass down.