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Saudi Arabia Banned This Shoe Shopping Game for Sounding Too Sexy

Shoe Wars is a simple little iPhone jumper about a woman looking for shoes at the mall, an activity many would consider a blissful experience. A little too blissful if you ask Saudi Arabia.


The relatively harmless free iPhone app features a woman carrying a shopping bag jumping from platform to platform in a never-ending quest to secure the latest pumps. As she leaps she makes exertion noises that could, if you twist your mind a little, be construed as sexual.

According to the game's official website, authorities in Saudi Arabia felt the sounds emanating from the on-screen character were "'too sexual' and may cause cultural offence".


A new version of the app will be released in Saudi Arabia next month with the offensive sounds removed.

Saudi bans video game over "sexual" sounds [Arabian Business]

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Video games will never capture the glory of shoe shopping.

Thankfully they will also never replicate that crushing feeling of finding a really nice pair of shoes that they don't have in your size.