Satoru Iwata's Wii U Launch Hype Is Refreshingly Realistic

Sometimes console makers like to promise the world for their new gaming systems, making lofty claims about how awesome their launch lineups will be. Those claims are never true.

So it's nice to see Nintendo president Satoru Iwata spitting some truth at a recent Nintendo investor Q&A, saying that while the company has certainly learned from the lackluster launch of its 3DS handheld, he can't promise too much for the Wii U.

With these circumstances in mind, if I said that an overwhelmingly rich software lineup would be prepared from day one, it would be too much of a promise to make. On the other hand, we are making efforts so that we will be able to make several proposals even from the launch period that can eventually become evergreen titles for the Wii U. We have learned the lesson that we have to make that kind of preparation for the Wii U, or the Wii U will not gain enough momentum to expand its sales. We would like to share additional information at the E3 show in June this year.


Nintendo has already promised Mario and Pikmin entries at this year's E3, although we don't yet know if they're launch games.

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