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Sarah Palin, in Video Games

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All you guys told me STFU this morning and post about video games, not politics. Well, suck it. Pwn or Die has a half-dozen shoops of everyone's favorite fappable vice presidential candidate, and I must say, the Samus costume is quite fetching. But good God, she looks like a dude - Rudy Giuliani with a wig, actually - in that lollipop GTA IV rendering. Guys if you're gonna do it, do it right, Palin never steps foot in public without her indestructible updo. The full gallery is on the jump. UPDATE: Reader Nick R. supplies box art for Cabela's Alaskan Adventures: Sarah Palin Edition. Is this a retail box drop or DLC for a 2-year-old title? Oh. God, I'm tempted to tag this post rumor just for the hell of it.

Illustration for article titled Sarah Palin, in Video Games

What if Sarah Palin was in ... [Pwn or Die]

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Wow, Owen...great job proving that you are an a-hole...telling the readers of Kotaku to "suck it". How wonderful.

Kotaku, I second minus_273's idea...we really NEED an option to block certain editor's posts. I come to Kotaku to read about games and the industry...not some idiot's desperate try to link politics to games.

Until then, I believe Owen Good has no place on proven by this pathetic so-called article on here that purposefully goes out of its way to insult the readership of this site. Please give us, your readers, a way so that we can block his pandering drivel. Thank you.