Santa Is Trying To Deliver Presents To Everyone In Skyrim

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Just because not everyone celebrates Christmas doesn't mean Christmas can't come to everybody. Even the NPCs in Skyrim.


PC Gamer decided to create a new character in the game, dress them up as Santa and try and deliver presents to every NPC in the game in a single night.

Those presents include:

Next, I mull over my gift options. It would be in keeping with tradition to actually craft the presents, but I don't want to spend hours standing at a forge, and I don't have an army of unpaid elves to do it for me. So, I rush around to every store in Skyrim, buying the best in armor, weapons, clothing, potions, ingots, and jewelry. I also acquire some charcoal in case I come across anyone naughty. Naturally, to carry all this loot I need to increase my carryweight ('player.setav carryweight 10000' oughta do it).

Using a variety of mods, from a Rudolph-themed flying mount to a spell that automatically unlocks doors, Krys Krynn-Gul is going to spend 12 hours bringing hope and cheer to some clockwork people who seem to be in short supply of both.

Since his journey is just beginning, you can follow his perilous journey here.



Nothing could possiblie go wrong.