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Santa Fe Sure Is Pretty

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To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft
RE: No A/C


I've never been! Been to New Mexico a bunch, though.

Looking at pictures from the family's trip there and feeling somewhat jealous. Seems like a wonderful place.


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I moved to FL after living in NM for YEARS. Sante Fe has one nice area and the rest of the city is dirty and not the safest place. New Mexico is gorgeous up and down the Rockies and near White Sands and Elephant Butte. Ruidoso is home to THE BEST ski resort in the country, bar none, and Taos is also right up there. There are certainly TO DIE FOR views and beautiful sunrises and sunsets against various mountain backdrops. There IS a reason NM is called the Land of Enchantmemt, lol. You just have to know where to go, and where to avoid going! ;) FTR, I was stationed at Holloman, AFB, and my father retired there and still lives in Tularosa, right outside Alamogordo. I'd go back if the job situation were better. So PRETTY there, at the base of the Sacrementos and Organ mountains.