Out of Nowhere Comes Super Sanctum TD, A Neat Retro Tower Defense Game

Sanctum, Coffee Stain Studios' first-person tower defense/shooter hybrid from 2010, is getting a sequel on May 15. As usual, pre-ordering nets you extra goodies, but in this case, you get something far better than an extra gun skin. Namely a whole spinoff game. Which looks quite spiffy.


Super Sanctum TD, which can also be grabbed on Steam separately for $4, is a retro re-imagining of Sanctum featuring traditional tower defense gameplay (with a dash of variety in the form of an active skill system). It lets you use towers from both the first and second games, and provides a set of leaderboards to go with its levels, along with a large amount of achievements.

Super Sanctum TD [Steam]

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Tasty Whale

I was just playing this last night! Very fun, it has a speed up button, lots of levels (well, more than 5), some are streamlined and others let you design the path. There are meta upgrades (better damage, cheaper cost, etc) for all the main types of weapons. There are even powers that allow you to pinpoint a section. I recommend the game, loved Sanctum. When I learned S2 was coming out I texted some friends and pre-ordered it!