Samurai Shodown Sen Makes It To North America

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Originally slated for release last November as Samurai Shodown: Edge of Destiny, the 11th game in SNK's weapons fighting franchise will be released this spring in North America as Samurai Shodown Sen for the Xbox 360.

We've been wondering about the fate of Samurai Shodown: Edge of Destiny ever since original North American publisher Ignition Entertainment missed the game's original November 2009 release date. Last month Rising Star Games announced a European release of the game this spring, and now XSEED has stepped forward to claim the title for North American release.


"We are thrilled to partner with XSEED Games on SAMURAI SHODOWN as we have much respect and admiration for their approach to creatively marketing games in North America," said Soichiro Hosoya, Company President of SNK PLAYMORE CORP. "Fans of the series will no doubt enjoy this next generation offering, so we look forward to working together to deliver a truly fun arcade fighting game that continues to deliver what the series has best been known for."

Samurai Shodown Sen is a 3D version of the series, featuring a host of classic characters doing battle both offline and via online multiplayer on the Xbox 360. It should be interesting to see how that pans out, now that we know it's actually on its way.

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How the hell does Microsoft manage to get so many of these Japanese games on the Xbox360 and Sony, a Japanese company, is left out in the cold time and time again?