Samurai Jack Gets Its First Video Game In Over A Decade

Gif: Soleil

Samurai Jack, the popular Cartoon Network series that recently received a much-needed conclusion on Adult Swim, gets its first new video game adaptation since 2004 this summer.


Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time is being made by developer Soleil, whose previous work includes Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker, No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again, and, uh, Devil’s Third.

The short teaser for Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time is mostly made up of clips from the cartoon with brief snippets of hack-and-slash gameplay. These few morsels show the eponymous hero fighting enemies with his trademark samurai sword as well as sticks, tridents, hammers, and some sort of machine gun.

According to IGN, Samurai Jack head writer Darrick Bachman will be handling the script for Battle Through Time. More details are expected at PAX East later this week.

While there isn’t much else to go on, Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time certainly captures the look of the iconic animated series. Soleil’s disaster with Devil’s Third doesn’t do it any favors, but this has to be better than previous Samurai Jack games, which were little more than cash grabs for the Game Boy Advance and PlayStation 2. We’ll see when Battle Through Time arrives on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC in a few months’ time.

Staff Writer, Kotaku


I’d disagree on it capturing the look. Graphically it looks way too... solid? Like you would expect more cel-shading and at least an attempt to recreate the art of the television series. Just based on those clips the game looks cheap and bland. Better than previous outings? Perhaps. But what you would want from a Samurai Jack game? Highly debatable.