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With the Tokyo Game Show kicking off in just two weeks, the organizers are starting to fill us in on some of the neat things that will be on display: Like ancient Japanese warlord armor.

The Game Science Museum, which will exhibit game technologies, histories, and trends, will be set up this year in three of the show's halls . One of those displays will be focused on games related to sengoku samurai (feudal warlords) and will include an exhibition of the armor and helmets of nine of the most popular Japanese warlords.


Another hall's exhibit will be about the structure of the latest game consoles in an "easy-to-understand way" and show off some of the latest technology being applied to gaming.

The third Game Science Museum exhibit will be set up in the Kids' Area and will show how game character graphics have

This year's show officially kicks off for press and industry folk on Sept. 24 and for the public on Sept. 26 with the show wrapping up on Sept. 27.

The week leading up to the show will also be packed with press events, meetings and, yes, a Kotaku reader party. More details on that in the near future.



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