Samsung's New SSD Will Come With A Free Copy of Batman: Arkham City

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Two versions of Samsung's new 830 series solid state drives will come with a free copy of Batman: Arkham City, the company's vice president said during a press conference tonight.


Reid Sullivan, senior vice president of mobile entertainment at Samsung Electronics America, announced the giveaway at a press conference in Manhattan tonight by bringing the Dark Knight out on stage and playing a trailer from the game.

The SSDs come in three sizes, the two smaller of which will come with a code for the game: The 512GB drive runs $850, $430 for the 256GB version and $230 for the 128GB version.

SSDs are solid state drives that are meant to last longer and deliver data faster. Samsung's SSDs increase the game's launch speed by 21 percent, the time it takes to load a saved game by 35 percent and a computer's boot-up is reduced from an average of 66 seconds down to 15 seconds, according to research by N'Gai Croal's Hit Detection.

The drives should start shipping this week.

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I bought two new GeForce graphic cards and got two digital copies of the game for free with them.