You didn't really think you were getting a Wii, three Wii Remotes, three Nunchuks, Wii Sports, Mario Super Sluggers, and King of Clubs Mini-Golf for $224 USD did you? Oh. You did? Well, shit. Sorry about that, because that mindbogglingly good deal from Sam's Club as part of a Black Friday deal sure isn't happening. Guess we should've paid heed to the official Walmart Check Out blog that "the information on those [Black Friday] sites was not entirely accurate." Because it's not. Not even close. According to an update to the offer at Black Friday Ads, the bundle will now be priced at a more sane, but less eBay flippable $425. Maybe. We'd advise referring to your hard copy of the Sam's Club circular for final, official, accurate, confirmed, solid and straight shootin' pricing. Nintendo Wii Family Bundle - Console, 3 Wii Remotes, 3 Nunchuks and 3 Games at Sam's Club - $425.00 [Black Friday Ads]