Same-Sex Marriage Thrives In Frontierville

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While the majority of U.S. states don't legally recognize same-sex marriage, the wilds of of Zynga's Frontierville have no need for laws, spawning 650,000 boy-boy, girl-girl unions.


Zynga CEO Mark Pincus delivered the impressive statistic yesterday during the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco while rattling off other interesting statistics about the company's game portfolio. The social game developer now contains 1,300 employees across 13 studios in six different countries, having made six acquisitions in the past six months. Four hundred of those 1,300 employees are busy working on creating new intellectual property.

At this point 320 million people have played a Zynga game, and in Frontierville, 1.3 million of those people are married to a member of the same sex. From TechCrunch:

Pincus also noted that one game, Frontierville, has 650,000 same-sex marriages. "That's amazing, that's probably more than any country in the whole world," he quipped.


Of course that doesn't necessarily mean there are 650,000 gay and lesbian couples playing the game. In more social-oriented games, women and men will often pair up together simply to reap the benefits of such partnerships.

Pincus says that at any given point, four people you know are playing a Zynga game. I'd remark on how ridiculous that is, but my Cafe World dishes are ready.


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That's still like, 0.3% of all the users. Which makes it 1/30th what it should be to represent the LGBT community with any semblance of realism.

It probably more accurately portrays the number of gay actual marriages versus straight in the world, due to so few places actually granting marriage (not counting "unions" or "partnerships" or "schmarriages").