Samba De Amigo To Get Paid DLC?

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So the Wii can't do DLC, Harmonix & Neversoft? Maybe it can. It just needs to involve monkeys, and a couple of maracas. Pictured at left is the box art for the upcoming Wii version of classic Dreamcast rhythm title Samba De Amigo. If you squint real hard, and look in the top-left corner, you'll see a little red logo. That's the Wii's new "Pay To Play" logo, meaning that (if this isn't some strange Photoshopping mistake) at some stage, you'll be given the opportunity to pay more to play a little more. This being a music title probably means you'll be able to download new tracks/levels/monkeys/sombreros, but die-hards, don't let me stop you from dreaming it'll be a patch to allow Dreamcast maraca use.
Samba De Amigo [GameStop, via TurtleSnatcher @ NeoGAF]


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Luke Plunkett

Uh, I'm guessing the data for a Samba track is nowhere near the size of a Rock Band track, for anyone interested in that angle of complaint