Controversial author Salman Rushdie has just released a new children's book, and interestingly, it's got a strong foundation in video games.

Luka and the Fire, a sequel of sorts to a children's book Rushdie penned in 1990, seems a classic adventurer's tale of magic, gods, talking animals and a heroic quest.


Its primary influence isn't in classic literature, mythology or film, however; it's in video games, Rushdie telling the Associated Press that the "classical quest format" of video games "mixes well" with the other fantastical elements of the book.

Why base a book on games? Well, aside from the fact Rushdie is actually quite a fan of the medium, he wrote the book for his 13 year-old son.

I wish my dad had written a book for me when I was 13. It would have been called Star Wars vs Dune vs Wing Commander: Quest for SPACE.



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