Saints Row's Canceled Expansion Resurrected as DLC

Illustration for article titled emSaints Row/ems Canceled Expansion Resurrected as DLC

First it was an April Fool's Joke. Then it was real. Then it was going to be a standalone expansion to Saints Row: The Third. Then it was going to be part of Saints Row IV. Now Enter the Dominatrix is officially announced as DLC, and will arrive in October.


Volition made the announcement at Comic-Con, reports Game Informer. It will be the first DLC offering. With dubstep guns, alien invasions and Vice President Keith David, we've been so desensitized to out-of-this-world shit that Enter The Dominatrix, may come off as positively tame by the time it launches.


The expansion was put into limbo during former publisher THQ's financial troubles and eventual bankruptcy. Maybe Volition and Deep Silver got together and figured they could spin it off as a prequel; in hindsight, the original announcement reads like a backstory for whatever the hell happened to America in Saints Row IV.

Saints Row IV's Voice Cast Mouths Off At Comic-Con [Game Informer]

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I'm confused, is this DLC for 3 or 4?

Also, I thought this DLC/expansion was the entire basis of Saints Row 4?