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Remember Nibris' Sadness, the survival horror title for Wii that sounded so awesome and then disappeared with nary a trace after teasing us all with little more than concept art? Developer Frontline Studios ditched the publisher, and the last we heard was a promise from the Polish studio to keep at it.


Well, now The Wiicast has gotten on the phone with Adam Spencer of Nibris partner Fog Studios to mess with our heads some more, saying that things are still underway:

Obviously there's only so much I can say. I can tell you for sure that the project is real, they're actively developing it. There's no publisher for the game yet and as such it's impossible for us to say when the game is going to be released. Basically, that's the official statement.


Spencer says he's even seen the game in action, but they haven't found a "fit" yet in a publisher.

Breaking News! Sadness is Real! [The Wiicast]

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